ROCKIT, a premium fitness brand originating in Shanghai, China. We devoting ourselves to designing and manufacturing fitness equipment with company's sole concept of "Right for Your Body."
ROCKIT offers commercial grade free weights, storage systems & functional accessories, basically our product lines aim to creating a perfect solution for your gym accessory requirements, as well as fully packed functional kit for your station.
Geographically ROCKIT is based in Shanghai which is one of the most important commercial and logistic centers in China, our newly built manufacturing plant measuring 1500M2 in the Shanghai Economic Radial Zone.

Right for Your Body

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Rockit TPE Yoga Mat 6mm

Rp800.000 Rp480.000

Rockit Anti Burst Stability Ball 65cm

Rp600.000 Rp360.000

ROCKIT Anti Burst Stabilityball 55cm

Rp500.000 Rp300.000

ROCKIT Anti Burst Stabilityball 75cm

Rp600.000 Rp360.000

ROCKIT Urethane Hand Weight 3 Kg

Rp1.100.000 Rp660.000

ROCKIT Urethane Weight Plate 10kg

Rp2.300.000 Rp1.380.000

ROCKIT Hollow Short Roller

Rp600.000 Rp360.000

ROCKIT Urethane Weight Plate 15kg

Rp3.500.000 Rp2.100.000

ROCKIT Urethane Weight Plate 5kg

Rp1.200.000 Rp720.000

ROCKIT Urethane Weight Plate 1.25kg

Rp300.000 Rp180.000

ROCKIT Premium Reversible Rubber Mat 183cmx 68cm..

Rp1.500.000 Rp900.000

ROCKIT Wall Ball 8kg

Rp1.900.000 Rp1.140.000

ROCKIT Competition Kettlebell 24kg – Green

Rp4.000.000 Rp2.400.000

ROCKIT Grade A Virgin Rubber Medicine Ball 4kg

Rp1.400.000 Rp840.000

ROCKIT Urethane Weight Plate 2.5kg

Rp600.000 Rp360.000

ROCKIT Urethane Hand Weight 5 Kg

Rp1.900.000 Rp1.140.000